Vinification - white wines

After crushing, the grapes are pressed for 2 hours.
The juice is then run into vats where the temperature is raised to 15°C and remains there for some 20 hours to allow the lees to settle..

The must is then run off into oak barrels, leaving behind the coarser lees. Here alcoholic fermentation takes place, followed later by malolactic fermentation.

Here too, traditional methods are followed. Regular stirring keeps the remaining lees in suspension and this gives the wine the added complexity and structure that make for long keeping qualities.

During the maturation process, the wine is racked off once malolactic fermentation is complete. This has the effect of once more separating the wine from the coarser lees and allowing it to spend several month on fine lees.

Each cuvée undergoes a first clarification by the addition of finings. This takes place in vats.

After 12 to 15 months' elevage - depending on appellation category - the white wines are then systematically filtered prior to bottling.

Vinification - red wines


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