Vinification - red wines

After preliminary sorting in the vineyard, followed by a second at the vatting house, the grapes are crushed, then totally de-stemmed before being placed in vats.

There follows a period of pre-fermentation lasting 4-5 days, not at low temperature but at a temperature of 25°C. This permits rapid and complete extraction of colour. During pre-fermentation cap-punching takes place several times a day to keep the fruit-solids in contact with the liquid must.

The contents rapidly take on a dark colour, almost black, and at this temperature fermentation normally begins on the fourth day.
Cap-punching and pumping-over continue at the rate of twice a day until a density of 1050 is attained, after which cap-punching ceases in order to avoid excessive tannin extraction.

At or around a density of 1000 chaptalisation may become necessary.
The fermentation process has by now weakened and gives way gradually to the post-fermentation stage which lasts a week and during which pumping-over takes place just once a day.

Once the moment for de-vatting has arrived, the liquid is run off very slowly over a period of several hours so that very little liquid goes to the press.
In this way, the free-run liquid (jus de goutte) is separated from the pressed liquid (jus de presse). Elevage in wood (50% new barrels) follows, and lasts 12 months.
Finally the wine spends a month in vat before bottling.

Vinification - white wines


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